About Us

Mega Center for Car Maintenance A center specialized in all types of cars, gasoline and hippard with the latest advanced equipment.
Founded in early 2018 in the northern region of Marka with an area of 250m2, equipped with state-of-the-art technical equipment, the center includes a professional team of engineers and technicians with long experience in the field of maintenance of the Hybrids and petrol cars.
The Center has five main sections:
1. Fast maintenance department
2. Department of Pride
3. Department of mechanics
4. Reception
5. Management

  • Advanced equipment
  • Professional team
  • competitive prices
  • Amenities waiting room

Our company provides integrated maintenance services for the cars and high-speed cars to achieve the highest safety and safety of passengers and vehicles and the continuity of use and provide convenience to our customers during the service delivery through the accuracy and reliability in the examination and diagnosis of faults and rapid response to provide maintenance and repair of faults with modern equipment and hands Specialized and follow-up work after providing maintenance services to ensure the satisfaction of customers and employees and owners of the company

To be the first choice in the field of integrated vehicle maintenance services

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