Our Clients

We have served clients of all ranges and continents. Our complete vehicle evaluation and safety analysis report is perfect for first-time customers to evaluate and understand their needs. This report covers all the immediate as well as long-term needs and gives you a clear schedule for when each task has to be tackled.

Hegazy & Ghosheh Group

Hijazi & Ghoshah is one of the largest companies investing in importing and exporting meat<br />

Thrifty Car Rental

Thrifty Car Rental operates in 70 countries and territories with more than 1,061 locations across North and Central America, South America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and Asia Pacific.

Dollar rental car

Founded in 1965 by Henry Caruso in Los Angeles, California, USA, 1990 merged with and separated from Thrifty in 1997. It now has more than 647 branches worldwide in 53 countries, mostly in Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America, And other brands such as Mazda, Nissan and Toyota, and plans to expand and move away from the traditional brands of Thrifty<br />

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